A brief list of clients served by the Core Team of Quintessence Enterprises

Kaveri Seeds Company Limited

Aishwarya Technologies and Telecom Limited


The Kailas Rubber Company Limited

The Thamarapally Rubber Company Ltd.

Shricon Industries Limited (Exemption from Public Announcement)

Panyam Cements & Mineral Industries Ltd.

Abha Property Projects Limited

Bio White Gold Industries Limited

Arnit InfoTech Limited

Phaarmasia Limited


Country Club India Limited

Serve-All Enterprises Limited


Tanla Solutions Limited.

ShanthaBiotechnics Limited

Shantha West Inc. USA

SRHHL Industries Limited

SRHH Limited

Sujana Metal Products Limited

Sujana Towers Limited

Neha International Limited

Moonglow Company Business Inc

NagarjunaAgri Tech Limited

Venus Ventures Limited

Shopper's Stop Limited, Mumbai

Va Tech Wabag Limited, Chennai

Indu Projects Limited


Cavium Networks Inc. (USA)

Conexant Systems Inc. (USA)

Foundry Networks Inc. (USA)

GAP Inc. (USA)

Niko Resources Limited (Canada)

E A Mobile Inc. (USA)

Xilinx Inc. (USA)

Automated Data Processing Inc. (USA)

Phaarmasia Limited, Hyderabad.

Radiant Infosystems Limited, Bangalore

Azingo Inc. (USA)

Cavera Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Cavera Systems LLC.

App Labs Technologies Private Limited

FX Labs Studios Private Limited

Altera Corporation, (USA)

Intelligroup Inc., (USA)

Indecomm Corporation, Cayman Islands

Avesthagen Limited

Financial Objects Plc, (UK)

Shree HariFintrade Pvt. Ltd.

Fortinet Inc., (USA)

Copanion Inc., (USA)

Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd.

Country Condo's Limited

Indo US MIM Tec (P) Ltd.

ASN Power Projects Ltd.

InfoSTEP India Private Limited


Apple, Inc.

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